Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Impersonation of Asif Shahzad as Dubai Polic Employee

Impersonation of Asif Shahzad

as Dubai Polic Employee

hello sir my name is ghulam murtaza and i am living in Pakistan Peshawar sir i have complain against a police man with the name of Asif Shahzad he tells people that he is working as a police man in Dubai police deptt and his brother too. He is living in peshawar pakistan sir he got millions of rupees from different peoples and promise them to provide jobs in police department like police man cashier; computer operator and much much more he also provide contact agreements with the same name from different peoples and I am also one of them he promised me that I pay to him 4 lacks pak rupees and he will provide give me a job in police deptt as a cashier and that is too money for me and too many others peoples and he runs away. Please i requiest u sir that please arriest this man and inform me my number is i will be thanks full to u

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  1. it is totaley wrong because i think it is not posibale for a common man